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Q.D Medic

Requirnment 2020 (jobs & vacancies) :
Up-coming QDMedic jobs. The site act as an employement portal and provides all the curent admin, Non-IT and IT job in QDMedic.

The QDMedic job opening are available for both Fresher and Experienced condidates. The condidates are selected only through campus requirnment. The company use a lot of channels to recruit condidates. The selection proccess of company for fresher has following step.

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Work At QD Medic
QDMedic one of your largest employers in gorakhpur region. It is a great place to work. It offer chalanging career opportunities in a wide range of field and help its employers benifit by identifying their strenghts and build on them.
Employee Benifits
QDMedic offres generous employee benifts a well as paid vacation and sick leave for all its employees.We value our employees and one comitted in creating and inclusive workplace for all our employees.
Why QD Medic
QDMedic registered by Ministry of corporate affairs, Central Registration Center Lucknow, India employee/staff development programm organised on a quaterly. Linkage with globally reputed Hospitality organisation in order to promote employee interaction.